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        2. ABOUT US

          Huzhou nuclear source mechanical equipment limited company, is the original nuclear industry restructuring and east China 262 machinery factory is a. Kind of military industry restructuring enterprise, the specialty is engaged in the filter and separation technology and product development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Is China's largest filtering mechanism made one of enterprise. The company since it was established has been committed to the high-end separation of machinery research and development, and have a strong design development manufacture ability, with the most professional research and development team, can provide  clients with different working conditions, special requirements of the filtering products, and can design and manufacture all kinds of special performance of the filter and related products.  



          • Vacuum belt filter structure 01-102018 Vacuum belt filter structure

            In the mining industry, belt filter is one of the commonly used equipment, including vacuum belt filter is the mainstream product. Before using the de

          • Belt filter dehydration process 01-102018 Belt filter dehydration process

            Belt filter is the use of two highly permeable filter cloth in a group of pressurized pumping rolling, so that the sludge into the device will be in t

          • Vacuum belt filter cloth deviation reasons 01-102018 Vacuum belt filter cloth deviation reasons

            In many automation industries today, all work through conveyor links. Vacuum belt filter is one of the main components of the filter cloth, in the cou

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          Add:Zhejiang Huzhou Hsinchu Road 69

          Tel:Zou Xuehai 13185273680

          Mobile:0572-2209062 0572-2209052




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