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        2. Vacuum filter maintenance introduced

          2018-01-10 3679

          Any mechanical equipment in use, maintenance work is necessary, so as to ensure the normal operation of equipment. Vacuum filter in the daily use will require special operation and maintenance, the purchase of equipment, manufacturers will also be a professional training.

          Vacuum filter is the main contact with the liquid, so in the work will leave a lot of unfiltered liquid or solid, if not cleaned up in time, will affect the performance of the equipment. Therefore, after using the equipment, the first time is to clean up the internal residues to prevent chemical residues from reacting and affecting the service life of the equipment.

          Mechanical equipment operation, you need to use a lot of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil play a supporting role, when these stocks are not enough, the mechanical wear problems occur, affecting the service life. And when the lack of equipment in the presence of lubricants, the internal chemical reaction is prone to affect the follow-up effect.

          When you stop production, equipment downtime should also pay attention to avoid prolonged parking, the device often does not start will rust. Therefore, when necessary, it should be some time to start the device, not only can help to ensure the quality of equipment, but also timely troubleshooting problems.


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