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        2. Vacuum filter selection note

          2018-01-10 2675

          Vacuum filter selection is the concern of many users. Although most devices currently on the market have good performance advantages, but according to the actual use of the different, there are different selection points.

          First of all, according to their actual use of solid-liquid ratio, handling capacity, solid particle size, viscosity, the proportion of filter residue reactor to select the corresponding equipment model, procurement, equipment manufacturers will understand the needs of users, recommend the appropriate equipment. Second, many of the filter itself contains a certain acid-base, in order to avoid corrosion of equipment, but also according to the PH value of the material selection flow components, solid particles, the temperature of the material selection filter media.

          Medium if there is a need to wash the ingredients should be selected vacuum chamber length greater than 10m models, special washing materials, should choose leaching filter type. If you have not used the same material, you should contact the manufacturer, in advance to do the experiment, according to the experimental results to select the device model.


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